About Us

About Protonix Fortuner India Private Limited

Protonix Fortuner India Pvt Ltd. is a professionally managed OEM/ODM ISO 9001:2005 certified organization engaged in the design, development and manufacturing of power electronics. The company with more than four decades of manufacturing expertise and innovation in the realm of Solar Renewable, LED Lightings, computer peripherals, display devices, entertainment electronics
& power electronics industries in India is among the leaders in the industry aided by a dynamic team of able and experienced professionals.

Power Backup, Energy Efficient Lightings and Renewable Energy Solutions form one of our core offerings and many of the leading Indian brands in Solar and LED Lightings, uses our products and foster our brand strength and reputation in their products.

Today we are known for our manufacturing quality, timely deliveries & product support after sales. We are a preferred source for Contract manufacturing, New Product Development and upgrades for many Indian & International leading brands in power electronics & Lightings. Who desires well equipped, World-Class, manufacturing setup with matching expertise & engineering skills offerings innovative products to compete globally meeting their specifications.

Company having 200+ well versed employees including strong R&D team, Quality team & Production team etc.

It’s manufacturing capacity 25000/Month of Inverters & 2 Lakhs/Month of LED Lightings.

Journey of Greener Tomorrow

Our Vision

To build a truly world class company with sustainability at its core.
Continuous technology upgrade, sales, personnel training and increasingly efficient after sales service support.


Our Mission

Our mission is to have unwavering focus on:
Continuous innovation, product enhancement and unflinching focus on customer satisfaction.
Zero manufacturing defect and adopt latest manufacturing techniques to offer truly world class products.
Customers to have them enjoy comfort, safety, protection and peace of mind.









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