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Reliable Power Back Up Solutions For your Home and Office

In modern Era we are having fast flowing life and in this fast flowing world we can’t think to move slowly. With the change in our work style we can’t be dependent on available resource of electricity. We need back up for electricity too. Power backup and solutions are created to avoid the troubles occurred due to power cuts. Frequent power cuts can cause harm to the electronic gadgets. A battery backup provides the power to the system when main source of energy is not available or voltage drops to extreme level. The UPS and Inverter both provides backup supply to electronic items. But there is a difference in their functionality whereas switching of UPS from the main supply to the battery and Inverter is very speedy on other side Inverter switching from main supply to battery takes time.

One of the renowned name in the market of Power back up is Fortuner Company. Team is fully committed to deliver high quality products. They ensure timely delivery of products, project designing, load and backup calculation and installation as they understand the market and customer of Power backup and solution. Trained and skilled people are their asset. Healthy relationship maintained by Fortuner Company with clients, business partners and employees. Cater strong market presence in more than 30 countries globally. In more than 15 countries throughout Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Latin America Region we have partners, service center and service engineers.  We have very qualified quality checking team which take charge to ensure zero defect manufacturing process that provide safety and protection. We are constantly upgrading our techniques to provide qualitative product with lots of features and functions. Company believes in providing Environment friendly product so they provide clean energy for long run.

Business Solutions provide by us are as follows:

  •          Solar UPS / Inverter
  •          Online UPS
  •          Grid Tie Solar Inverter
  •          Deep Cycle Solar Batteries
  •          Solar Charge Controller
  •          Solar PV Module
  •         LED Lighting
  •        Solar Water pump Controller

Solar UPS / Inverter – A home or office UPS or inverter takes the power from the batteries and transfer the same to the appliances. Solar inverter has two built in chargers i.e solar charger and grid charger and it delivers adequate power supply.  If you are worried about increasing electricity bills then you should surely opt for off grid and grid tie system. In case you are living in area, which is most of, the time is sunny  or you love to save nature from any harmful product then solar UPS or Inverter is the best.

Online UPS -  Online UPS refers to when power in line is present and converter is in operational mode. In Online UPS it is not necessary to have power transfer switch as batteries are always connected to inverter. When power cut happens the rectifier just drops out of the circuit and the batteries keep the flow of power steady and unchanged. When power is back it begings charging the batteries. Online UPS provides electric firewall between the incoming utility power and sensitive electronic equipment.  Previously the Online UPS could provide only 10 KW but with increase in technology they can now provide the supply upto 500KW. The initial cost of UPS may cost higher but total cost of ownership is usually low due to longer battery life.

Grid Tie Solar Inverter – Grid Tie Solar Inverter doesn’t  contains batteries. Their functionalty is different from regular inverter. It converts solar power or renewable energy source into power for your use. Power inverters includes solar charge controller. Solar Panel can produced 240 V AC electricity which can be used by property/Household.

Deep Cycle Solar Battery – There are 2 types of deep cycle solar battery lead acid and lithium. Deep Cycle Batteries used to store power generated by solar panel. They are essential component in case of renewable energy system. It is used for backup in case of electrical grid failure. Deep Cycle Solar Batteries provide 80% capacity or more.

Solar Charge Controller – Solar Charge Controller is a current device which keeps batteries from overcharging. It modulates the voltage and current coming from solar panel to the batteries. Batteries are asses for voltage capacity and exceeding that voltage can lead to permanent damage to the batteries and loss the functionality over a period of time. It is necessary to use the Solar Charge Controller for long run of batteries.

Solar PV Module – Solar PV Module is assembly of Photovoltaic cells that are wired into large array to achieve required voltage and current. Solar PV Module is a packaged connect assembly G typically 6X10 solar cells.

Solar Water Pump Controller -  Solar water pump controller is best device  where voltage fluctuation is a problem. This kit includes Photovoltaic Panel, Electronic Device and AC Motor. This is one time investment with 20 years of life. It is used in Agricultural Irrigation, Waste Water Treatment, Municipal Parks, Resorts, Hotel  & Tourist Sites., Landscapes, Chemical Factories and Mills.