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MPPT Solar Inverter


MPPT Solar Inverters are a next generation solar inverters, High efficiency MPPT technology ensure 20 % to 30% more solar power harvesting from the same capacity solar panels as compare to other technology.  Its state-of-the-art design and intelligent control optimizes the yield of all PV installations in residential, offices, rural and other remote installations with very poor or no grid availability.

It consists of MPPT based solar charge controller and bi-directional inverter with transformer on the AC side. Transformer based design makes our inverter more rugged and reliable in verse grid input conditions.  It provides uninterrupted pure sine wave power at the load output using solar, battery and grid input in customizable order of priority.

 Latest DSP based control ensures excellent performance and protection from any kind of malfunction.

The high conversion efficiency helps in longer battery backup. Ease of operation and Plug ‘N’ Use type of design make it the ideal product for all kinds of users.