Fortuner Tubular Batteries

Fortuner Tubular Batteries are manufactured with Heat Sealed Polypropylene Co-Polymer Mono-block casing material. Tubular positive plates are made of highly corrosion-resistant special lead alloy and Pasted Negative Plates with high discharge performance to ensure cycling capabilities and also reduce topping-up frequency. Individual cells are fitted with Micro Porous aqua-trap ceramic vent plugs with sealed float, which prevents acid mist from coming out from the cells to make it convenient for living room ambiance.


Higher volume of acid in each cell, resulting in the lesser topping.
Heavy-duty tubular plates for excellent cycle life.
Low Maintenance battery.
Specially made cross-ribbed P.E. Separator Envelopes.
Electrolyte volume per AH is higher
Specially designed vent plugs to trap water loss.


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Solar & Wind Power Storage
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