Grid Tie Solar Inverter

FORTUNER Grid Tie Solar Inverter is designed to convert Solar Power into utility-grade electricity Power that can be utilized by the home or sold to the local power authority. Grid tie Inverter uses high-efficiency MPPT technology to ensure that maximum power harvesting from the PV array and converted to AC and delivered to the Utility Grid. Grid Tie Inverters are configured to feed into the LT (Low Voltage) utility network with all safety measures. Anti islanding feature ensures that the inverter switches off when grid power is absent.

 In order to operate, the Solar Grid Tie Inverter must have grid power available and connected.

Wide input voltage range of PV array Voltage gives the flexibility to the user to use a large range of PV modules.


LCD Display: Easy-to-read system status and cumulative energy generation information.
 PV compatibility:  Wide range PV compatibility
 MPPT Technology: Maximum Power Point Technology (MPPT) harvests the maximum amount of energy from the solar array.
  Compact design: Transformer less design, Light Weight, Wall Mounted design.
 IP65 Enclosure: Suitable for outdoor installation.
 Data Logging & Monitoring : Standard RS232 or RS4845
 Protections: Anti Islanding, DC Reverse Polarity, Ground fault monitoring


Home & Residence
Business Centre
Manufacturing Industries
School & Collages
Shopping Mall


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