LED Tube Light


tick.png High Brightness LED Chip with stable light, no strobe flash, and no infrared and
   no ultraviolet light.
tick.png  Integrated plastic body: combustion engineering thermal resistance, PC material,  integrally molded.
tick.png  High Input Power Factor >.98
tick.png  Shadowless and no dark area.
tick.png  Power Consumption is only 10% -20% of incandescent lamps with the same brightness.
tick.png  Use a good quality aluminum heat sink, in order to decrease LED chip lumen depreciation.
tick.png  Wide input voltage range.
tick.png  Constant light luminary even in low voltage input conditions.
tick.png  Long life > 50000 Hrs, which is 5-7 times more than the traditional tube light.
tick.png  Low maintenance.
tick.png  Mercury-free and no radiation.
tick.png  Low heat and environment protection.
tick.png  Easy Installation.


tick.png Drawing room
tick.png  Kitchen
tick.png  Study room
tick.png  Office
tick.png  Corridors
tick.png  Parking areas
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