Poly Crystalline

Polycrystalline (sometimes also called multi-crystalline) solar panels are the most common because they are often the least expensive. They are the middle choice in the marketplace almost as good as single-cell monocrystalline silicon panels but generally with better efficiency than thin film solar panels.
Polycrystalline cells can be recognized by a visible grain, a “metal flake effect”. The solar cells are generally square in shape and may have a surface that looks somewhat like a mosaic. That’s because of all the different crystals that make up the module.


tick.pngUnique frame design with High Mechanical Strength
tick.pngExcellent performance under low light conditions
tick.pngAdvanced module processing technology
tick.pngHigh conversion efficiency & Higher Output
tick.pngEasy installation & Low breakage rate


tick.pngOn-grid large-scale utility systems
tick.pngOn-grid rooftop residential and commercial systems
tick.pngOff-grid residential systems
tick.pngDomestic Lighting Systems
tick.pngStreet Lighting
tick.pngWater Pumping
tick.pngBattery Charging
tick.pngCommunity TV system
tick.pngRailway Signaling and Lighting Systems
tick.pngRural Radio phones and exchanges
tick.pngSign Boards & Glow signs
tick.pngPower Pack for Village Electrification
tick.pngPortable Lighting
tick.pngOffshore platforms
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