Static Stabilizer

  • More Reliable
  • Fast Correction speed
  • Tight Regulated output +/- 1%
  • High Efficiency
  • No Moving parts, Less maintenance
  • IGBT PWM AC to AC Switching control.
  • New technological design that is suitable for industrial environments like very dusty conditions, humidity and vibration.
  • Maintenance free design.
  • Safe usage for all electrical devices. Minimum size & long life.
  • User friendly, easy and comprehensive LCD Display and mimic diagram.
  • Compact structure with high quality material and minimum malfunction hazard.
  • Surge Arrester against sudden voltage increases and Streaks Lightings.
  • Protection against over load, over temperature, high voltage & low voltage etc.
  • Parallel connection for special high power applications & Self test facility.

FORTUNER Static Voltage Stablizers are developed exclusively for providing voltage control, protection, and management to the system, which are microporocessor controlled and have high-speed semiconductor technology.

The Extremely High Speed of Correction provides perfectly stable output even under the severe conditions of unbalanced voltages, making it ideal for protecting electrical and electronic equipment from high and low boltages. the static stabilizers are equipped with advanced features like digital signal processors to automatically sense the voltage fluctuation and correct them instantaneously to protect the appliances from short circuits and over currents.

Download Static Stabilizer Catalogue
NB.The technical specifications and perameters are only for quick reference. For installation and product purchase, kindly take technical expert guidance.

Technical Specifications

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