Sustainable OEMs - A must for Green Manufacturing

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are an infallible part of the manufacturing process –where a right partnership not only offers products and services for value for money but also assures of best technology and green production process. With sustainability of processes with least environmental impacts becoming one the most important cogs in the entire manufacturing line, it is pertinent that even the smallest OEMs toe the line of least carbon technology.

Adoption of new processes can be intimidating and the return to investment is viable only in the long run. Thus, imbibing green manufacturing rules while maintaining production scale and profit is a challenge that the entire manufacturing sector is facing with Industry 4.0. Especially with smart technologies paving the way forward, it has become a necessity to maintain continuous power supply, data analysis equipment and response mechanism, which all adds to further carbon generation.

As effectively said, “Responsible Manufacturing is Smart Manufacturing,” and changes towards Climate Effective Manufacturing needs to start right at the grassroots where the MSMEs are the owners of the products. Though they do not have a say over the last product that is reaching the customers, 7.9 million MSME/ OEM enterprises will definitely have an impact over the carbon emission from manufacturing sector.

However as understood and also discussed in many forums, in most cases, given the size of the OEMs, it is difficult for them to make these changes. Technology implementation, sustainable processes and changes for environment friendly manufacturing by OEMs will need handholding, at least in the short run, by the larger organisations along the manufacturing chain for whom the cost of remaining ‘Unsmart’ can result into becoming ‘Uncompetitive’.

In the long run, awareness creation about the benefits of green manufacturing and Sustainable practices can also help the OEMs remain efficient with materials, giving better returns to investment. In turn, these Smart OEMs will have lesser waste to deal with and hence disposal costs will also decrease. Furthermore, with government also appreciating efforts for sustainability, they can qualify for reduction in environmental taxes. Eco-friendly measures can not only help to gain access to new markets but also enables the OEMs to demonstrate sustainable credentials.

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