Home UPS/Inverter

We offer complete DSP based pure sine wave UPS / Inverter range for domestic applications (100 VA -12V to 2000 VA -24V) with unique and powerful features.



DSP Based Control Technology ensures high reliability and fast processing.
Multi-function LCD Display for real-time parameters status and fault annunciation  Like; Battery voltage, Mains Input Voltage, Output Voltage, Charging Current,  Device Temperature, Load power in Watt, Charging mode, ON / OFF status, UPS / Inverter mode selection, Battery type selection.
Intelligent Current Controlled Charger ensures that the battery fully charging and enhances the battery life.
High Level of Protection from Overload, Short-circuit, over-temperature, Battery low and Battery over Voltage, Reverse phase at the output.
Mains range selectable to INVERTER MODE (110V to 280Vac) or UPS MODE  185V to 260Vac.
Temperature-controlled cooling fan operation to optimize cooling based on loading.


Home & Office Appliances
Security Appliances.
Emergency lighting
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