Success Story

Success Story

Fortuners started just as an R&D unit with the team of highly technical entrepreneur with initial investment were just Rs 10 Laces only. The investment was too small but goal and vision was very clear. First year strategy was to establish the R&D Lab with fully equipped test facility to make best product with latest technology according to market requirement in solar, power backup and energy efficient LED lighting sector.

To enhance the quality product assembly, Fortner collaborate with one of advance electronics product Assembly Company in INDIA, who was the pioneer and have more than 25 years experience management, with the state of art manufacturing facility of mass scale quality product assembly.

We had start business as an OEM of small capacity DSP based pure sine wave Home UPS / inverters for international brands or Export market with the innovative and advanced feature product as per the market requirements.

Within a short span Fortuner introduce complete range of industrial inverters (Single phase and Three Phase) with the advance IGBT based topology.

Fortuner development team decide to focus on renewable energy product development especially in Solar, because we were sure solar power solution will be one of the most potential and growing business in future. So we had developed and launch Solar Hybrid Inverter with the advanced inbuilt zero drop solar charge controller.

We had launched first solar inverter in name of Fortuner; our motto was to provide electricity for those people whether electricity condition was not good or depend on fossil fuel. We had developed and provide complete off grid and on grid power backup solution for the rural and domestic users requirements.

Fortuner launches a new revolutionary product Hybrid Solar Charger for those customers who want to converter any existing inverter to solar compatible inverter.

Develop and introduce wide range of MPPT technology based solar Power products. Which ensure the maximum utilization of Solar Power.

Fortuner start the complete range of high efficiency LED lights production for all domestic and industrial segment, because we know energy saving is also an important factor same as power generation in power sectors.

Fortuner decided to execute solar power projects using the world class solar products and high efficiency technology for domestic and industrial customers to support the government solar mission. Our design and E.P.C. team execute more than 50 successful projects globally with the support of business partners.

Fortuner has a strong service backup in Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Uganda.

Success To be continued ……………

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