Power Industrial Inverter

  • DSP-based control guarantees high reliability and fast processing.
  • The LCD display will showcase all inverter parameters, including battery voltage, mains input and output, charging status, current, and load power parameters, making our inverters exceptionally user-friendly.
  • Capable of handling surge and peak power requirements of industrial applications.
  • Extra power and superior output regulation with the same battery voltage, compared to other low-efficiency inverters.
  • Sine wave inverters ensure a pure output waveform similar to the power quality obtained from the grid. Pure sine wave inverters provide longer life for all industrial appliances and sensitive electronic devices.
  • Unique onsite parameter setting features* provide the flexibility to adjust operating parameters according to site conditions.
  • Intelligent charging allows for battery type selection (TUBULAR/SMF) to enhance battery life and backup.
  • Intelligent powerfull grid charging ensures speedy charging of batteries.
  • Equipped with grid input high and low voltage protection to safeguard connected appliances from unexpected grid voltage surges or drops.
  • Durable design to withstand all types of power fluctuations and fully protect connected equipment.

The FORTUNER Industrial Inverter Series is a meticulously engineered solution providing reliable power backup for all types of industrial power backup requirements. Our extensive product range, including Single Phase and Three Phase models, offers various capacities suitable for all industrial power backup needs. Our DSP-controlled design and good output voltage regulation features make it more efficient for critical and sensitive equipment. The Industrial Inverter series is designed with consideration for industrial load conditions such as surge and inrush current requirements. FORTUNER Inverter systems ensure uninterrupted power supply for all types of industrial load requirements, providing peace of mind during power outages. Our innovative battery type selection feature (SMF/TUBULAR) allows our inverters to seamlessly adapt to any battery type, thereby enhancing battery life and optimizing power backup capabilities. The versatility ensures compatibility with a wide range of battery options, offering flexibility and reliability for your backup power needs.

Trust in FORTUNER to safeguard your critical equipment with a dependable backup power solution, allowing industries to meet uninterrupted power backup requirements


Download Power Industrial UPS Inverter Catalogue
NB.The technical specifications and perameters are only for quick reference. For installation and product purchase, kindly take technical expert guidance.

Industrial Inverters Model


FR3000, FR3500, FR5000


FR5000, FR6000, FR7500

120V, 180V, 240V

FR10K, FR12K, FR15K


FR3P10K, FR3P12K, FR3P15K, FR3P20K, FR3P25K, FR3P30K

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