Turbo Series

FORTUNER Turbo Series solar water pump controller is an electronic device that is a combination of an inverter, MPPT, and Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) which ensures the maximum use of solar power with the maximum water flow. FORTUNER has launched the new Turbo Series solar pump control systems (0.5HP-5HP) with low voltage Vmp and an isolation transformer. No need to connect batteries and pump water from early morning till late evening, even under cloudy conditions.


tick.png Built-in MPPT tracking algorithm, to get maximum power output from the Solar  Array.
tick.png Built-in VFD & Torque Control function, for proper water harvest even in low light conditions.
tick.png Low Voltage Panel operation for Human Safety and Low Leakage (120V).
tick.png With an inbuilt isolation transformer.
 tick.png Pure Sine wave output for longer Pump Life and maximum Power Efficiency.
tick.png Battery Less operation.
tick.png Compatible with any existing three-phase water pump.
tick.png Remote monitoring and Control (Optional)
tick.png Sensorless Dry Run Protection.
tick.png Higher Temperature Protection.
tick.png Reverse Polarity Protection.
tick.png Over-voltage protection.
tick.png Lightning protection
tick.png Under voltage protection.
tick.png Over Load Protection.


tick.png  Drinking water supply
tick.png  Livestock watering
tick.png  Pond management
tick.png Irrigation etc.
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